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Snorting Kratom In Fort Lauderdale

Why is everyone talking about Kratom? Why are we talking about Snorting Kratom in Fort Lauderdale? People are talking about this. So, what is the obsession all over the internet with snorting drugs? Some people look for ways to get high without breaking the law. Kratom powder and Kratom extracts are currently not controlled substances […]


Beat Making Therapy

Making music is naturally therapeutic. Sounds, rhythms and harmonies all combine to make everything just a little bit better. It is a proven fact that creative activities help drug addicts in rehab treatment programs. Among creative activities, music composition is specifically known to be most helpful.

Anyone can make a beat

One problem with music making therapy is that writing music can be hard. It can take years of practice to develop skills. Learning an instrument, learning to write music on paper, these are not trivial tasks. Beat making is different. We all naturally have rhythm. We can all tap out a beat.

The tools are there to help anyone become a beat making master

With modern computer and software technology, the tools to make beats are available to us all. Many computers even come with music apps already installed or freely available. With just a little bit of training, you can go from a first time beat maker to an expert in a fairly short time.

Beat making in rehab makes sense

We are in the midst of a drug addiction crisis. Overdose deaths are at an all time high. If you are suffering from addiction to dangerous drugs, you should consider going into therapy. Residential treatment programs already offer many recreational therapy options. They even have horseback riding therapy! Why not provide the inexpensive tools necessary to allow recovering residents to make beats?

Our partnership with The Rehab

To help make a difference in promoting awareness of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, we are partnering with We will be discussing here, in depth, the many benefits of music making, particularly beat making, in the process of recovering from addiction. Please join us in celebrating beat making and in celebrating those who have made a decision to get help and recover.