Kratom Tea: Is It Safe To Drink?


I like to drink tea and the cafe near me serves Kratom Tea.

Is it safe to drink? While tea in general is a safe and healthy drink, you should know a few things about Kratom. So, is it safe in any form?

The safety factor.

First of all, if you are addicted to opioids, you should avoid all Kratom. So, avoid tea, powder, leaves or any other form. This is because of permanent changes in your brain. Hence, using even the tiniest bit will trigger serious cravings. This potentially dangerous substance is poorly understood as described in this article.

Cravings can kill.

You may think that having thoughts about using your drug of choice are harmless. All you have to do is not use the drug. However, these cravings may grow and come back over and over. After a while, you will be thinking about drugs all the time. Therefore, cravings can put you at risk for relapse.

So, a sip of tea can be that deadly?

While the sip of tea may seem harmless at the time, it can actually kill. If it gives you a craving that grows and leads to relapse, it can certainly kill. As they say, it was not the last drug that killed the addict, it was the first. It may be hard to believe, but a sip of tea can lead to death.

What about non-addicts? Can Kratom Tea be healthy for anyone?

You may have heard about health benefits, but these are in question. The motives of people who promote health benefits of Kratom are also questionable. If someone tells you that scientific research supports Kratom health benefits, you should ask for references. Then, you may want to bring these to a doctor or scientist and ask if the references are legitimate. You should be very suspicious of claims that Kratom is good for you.