Is Dr. Pamela Wible MD a scam? Is she a fraud?

ideal clinic scam fraud

Is Dr. Wible and the Ideal Clinic program a fraud?

Every year, doctors who are unhappy with their career choices decide to start searching online for alternatives. Many of these doctors feel trapped in big box, assembly line clinics.
These doctors are forced to fight with poorly designed Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. Additionally, they are forced by medical administrators to see patients in brief 10-15 minute visits.

Discovering all about Dr. Pamela Wible online.

When a doctor is feeling the stress of physician burnout, they may come across videos and articles by Dr. Pamela Wible. Dr. Wible has written several books, and she has appeared in at least two TEDx talks.

What will a doctor discover about Pamela Wible, MD? They will see that she provides a series of seminars for doctors to attend to learn about starting an ideal medical clinic to provide ideal medical care to their patients.

Doctors sitting in a hot water together.

For healthcare providers who choose to go to the seminar in-person, they will likely meet with Dr. Wible and other attendees at Breitenbush hot springs. When they arrive, the doctors will have the opportunity to sit together at this retreat and conference center in an actual hot spring.

As part of the ideal clinic seminar, this group of doctors will learn about how to make plans to quit their current dead end doctor jobs and drop out. After leaving the big box clinic job, they will then be able to start their own ideal clinic, which is another name for what is known as a micropractice.

What about doctors who can’t make it to Breitenbush?

For doctors who want the happy doctor experience with Dr. Wible, but are unable to attend in person, there is a telephone seminar version as well. Additionally, doctors are able to meet together in an online Facebook group.

Is Dr. Pamela Wible, MD’s ideal clinic program a scam?

If you are concerned about Dr. Wible being a fraud, trying to suck unsuspecting doctors into a trap, here is the real scoop. As it turns out, doctors who attend her seminars learn a significant amount of actionable material that can lead to forming an ideal medical center.

In fact, many doctors in her program have already successfully transitioned into the life of ideal healthcare. Whether they sat naked in the Breitenbush hot springs or not, Dr. Wible’s students are finding great success in opening and operating ideal clinics around the United States.

What do doctors do when they are not able to succeed at opening an ideal clinic.

Fortunately, Dr. Wible is excellent at providing ongoing personal support for her doctor students. In fact, many of her students are student doctors, still in medical school. Others are residents in training to become doctors. She also works with other healthcare providers, including Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP).

In conclusion, can we recommend Dr. Pamela Wible’s ideal medical clinic program?

After studying the material of her course and getting feedback from many attendees, I can wholeheartedly say that this program provides great value to doctors looking to get away from abusive hospital and big box clinic jobs. My conclusion is that this program is not at all a scam. In fact, I highly recommend that doctors questioning where they are in their career consider attending one of Dr. Wible’s seminars, in-person, or online.