How Much Does Addiction Rehab Cost?


When it comes to getting clean from opiates, how much is rehab going to cost?

When you think of addiction rehab, you may imagine that it can cost $20,000 to $30,000 for just one month of rehab. In fact, prices can be as much as $65,000 and up for just one month. Just like university costs keep going up every year, the cost for drug rehab has also been going up. Fortunately, your health insurance should help with the cost. Yet, with overcharging of insurance companies by shady rehabs in the past, your upfront costs may be much higher now. People are reporting paying many thousands of dollars up front in deductible charges or even finding that they cannot get rehab covered at all. So, when you ask how much does addiction rehab cost, you may want to consider alternatives.

Higher cost does not always mean better results.

Some of these costly rehabs provide extensive luxury services to make patients comfortable. These amenities may seem like a good reason to take a break from drugs and spend a month in a fancy rehab where you will be taken care of. However, you must first consider success rates of traditional rehab programs. While they are often the best solution for many kinds of addiction, when it comes to opioid addiction, residential rehab may not be the best answer.

Why would inpatient rehab not be the best way to treat opiate addiction?

When asking the question of how much does addiction rehab cost, you must consider success rates. It is a proven fact that MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, provides the best results for opiate addiction. Unfortunately, many inpatient programs do not use MAT. While some programs are beginning to integrate MAT, they are doing so reluctantly and not always planning for long-term treatment. Not providing MAT or providing it for too short of a time will not provide the best chances for success.

How much does addiction rehab cost when provided by an outpatient clinic?

Fortunately, it is possible to get MAT, medication-assisted treatment, at a regular doctor’s office. While the medication works very well, it is still important to go for psychotherapy. Medications used in most doctor’s clinics include buprenorphine and naltrexone. Buprenorphine is the main ingredient in the Suboxone strip. As far as cost, you will find that these outpatient MAT programs are a fraction of the cost of residential rehab programs. In fact, the monthly cost of inpatient rehab can be 10 times the cost of an entire year of MAT. The cost savings of outpatient MAT is dramatically less than inpatient. And, it works much better too! The success rates can be 10-20 times greater or more. I highly recommend considering this inexpensive and highly effective treatment alternative. And, to avoid dangerous fake suboxone on the streets, it is important to get this treatment prescribed by a doctor and filled by a pharmacist.

What about in-house allcohol rehab?

In the past, the best option to treat alcoholism was to go to a detox center to be safely detoxed off of alcohol. This was to ensure that the patient was not at risk for the dangerous consequences of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures. After detox, the patient might spend a month in residential rehab, attending group meetings and learning about the 12-steps of AA.

Now, there is medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcoholism, just like there is for opioid addiction. In fact, the medication most used, naltrexone, is also one of the meds used for treating dependence on opiates, such as heroin and fentanyl. Naltrexone is an opiate blocker. It binds to opioid receptors in the body.

How does this work for alcoholism? By blocking the opioid receptor, the brain’s reward system is re-trained to remove years of conditioning that have convinced your brain that it needs alcohol. Naltrexone acts as a craving blocker and, in a sense, gradually erases the addiction from your brain.

To get a prescription for naltrexone, simply make an appointment with a doctor who knows how to treat alcohol use disorder with MAT. One way to locate a doctor is through the C-Three Foundation which helps people to find doctors who use The Sinclair Method, or TSM.