Fake Suboxone: Does It Exist?

fake suboxone

Should we worry about this?

Fake pills are out there. Hence, buyers on the black market must beware. As you may have heard, drug dealers are selling fake oxycodone blue tablets. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more fake meds out there. Fake Suboxone could be coming soon. According to this article, they are already here.

What makes fake Suboxone so dangerous?

While Suboxone is a powerful treatment for opioid addiction, it is still an opioid itself. When illegal drug labs make fake opioid pills, they usually make them with fentanyl. Imagine, what would happen if you bought Suboxone on the streets and it was really fentanyl? You could overdose and die from fake Suboxone.

How is it possible to avoid fake opioid pills?

Whether it is Suboxone, oxycodone, vicodin or dilaudid, any pill bought on the street now could be a fake. Yet, there is one surefire way to avoid these fakes. If you are concerned about fake Suboxone, all you have to do is stop buying Suboxone from drug dealers! If you don’t buy it on the street, you won’t get a fake. This means that you will not have to worry about overdosing on a fake pill.¬†Along with other street opioids, such as kratom, you must avoid this deadly drug.

But what if you need Suboxone to get off of opiates or opioids?

If you are buying Suboxone on the street to self treat your addiction, you must stop doing this. The solution is to go to a doctor who prescribes Suboxone. Then, you can get started with medication assisted treatment, or MAT. Now, you will know that your Suboxone comes from a pharmacy, not an illegal drug lab. And, you will be able to get the full spectrum of treatment, including therapy.

MAT saves lives.

You may think that seeing the doctor is a waste of your time. Since you can buy Suboxone from a drug dealer, why would you want to see a doctor? Think carefully about how things have been going in your life. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you cannot continue to live this way. Wouldn’t you like to do things the right way? The best way to recover from opiates and opioids and ensure the best chance for success is to see a doctor who is experienced and certified in MAT.

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