Beats To Make You Sleep: The Magic Of Binaural and Isochronic Beats


What are binaural beats?

If you are having trouble relaxing or falling asleep, you may be interested in the power of binaural beats therapy. Discovered in the 19th century, binaural beats have the ability to help you to meditate, relax, and fall asleep. To create a binaural beat, you simply need two tones that are close in frequency and headphones to play these tones separately to each ear. The different between the two will create a beat frequency in your mind. 

How do binaural beats entrain brainwaves?

The key to getting any benefit from binaural beats is to have a recording of these tones that start with a particular beat frequency and end up at a target frequency. The starting frequency is to get your brain used to the beat and then the gradual change in frequency towards the target beat helps your brain to latch on and match the beat frequency. This is called, “entrainment.” The target frequency is chosen based on the desired effect. For example, if you want to enter a Theta state, you will want the target to be between 4 and 7 Hz, or cycles per second.

How do solid tones in each ear create a beat frequency?

When you play two solid tones that are close in frequency, one tone in each ear, your brain will interpret the beat frequency, which is the difference between the frequencies of the two tones. This seems to be almost magical in that your brain can recreate the physics of sound that happens if you play these tones in the open air. This binaural effect is part of what makes the technique work so well.

How can I find good binaural beats to get some rest?

Here is an excellent program on YouTube. I recommend subscribing to the channel to keep up with new productions. This particular video does not have any video content. It is simply a way to provide an effective binaural program to the public. If you have YouTube Premium, you can play the sound even with your phone or device screen turned off. If you have a television with YouTube in your bedroom, you can play the video there. But what about the binaural effect and needing headphones? It turns out that this particular program works will either way, with headphones or in the open air. Here is that link to play the binaural audio program on YouTube:

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